Tutoring my bully

Mary Davies

"Mary Davies, it's nice to see you once again. How is your mum?" He asked.

"She is doing quite fine," I replied. Hawk stepped into the Principal's office and sat down on the seat next to mine without even waiting to be offered a sit. I expected the principal to complain, but he did not.

I sighed heavily, inhaling the sweet smell of the air freshener, being aware of the fact that students are only called to the Principal's office when they make a disruptive behavior, makes my stomach clench.

"Hawk Andrews, you are right on time."

"I will go straight to the point here. Mary Davies is a straight A students, and you are well aware of the fact that she is here on a scholarship."

"Your grades are dropping drastically Hawk Andrews, I have discussed this with your parents, and we have agreed to get you a tutor."

They want to get Hawk a tutor, but how is that my business. Then everything became clear to me.

"No, please sir. I can't." I said, desperately. They can't do this to me.
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Thanks for reading.
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Tanya-lynn Gauthier
Loving this book, wish there was more chapters released sooner

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