After the storms: Final destination

Mary Davies

I felt like I was dreaming, Hawk Andrews remembers me. I feel so happy and relieved, it was as if a great burden was lifted off my shoulders. After trying my best to avoid the older Mr Andrews, even though I was thirsty, I didn't leave the room, not until he was gone. But by the time I came back to my room after getting water, my two books were missing from my bed. My journal and the novel I was working on. I didn't waste time in heading over to Hawk's room, because I could only think of him as the one who took it. And here I was now.

The Journal triggered his memories back, I'm glad I took to Xander's advise of keeping a journal. I bit my lips hard as Hawk buried his head between my thighs and didn't even bother coming up for air. His tongue continually lapped on my wet pussy. The moans coming from my mouth were explicit cause it felt so good, it has been really long and my body knows it, hence the pleasure I am feeling is hitting off pretty good.

I felt like I was going
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MaryAnne R Hyder
great book!
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. .
i just really enjoyed reading this book...great work..keep it up..More success in your way soon...God bless you...
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will there be epilogue?

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