Book 2: The Badboy's Obsession

A short note: Hi guys! So I will be posting some chapters of 'The Badboy's Obsession' here till I sort out things. I will keep you all informed.


An Unforgettable past (Chapter One)

Princess Erica McKenzie

I slouched my shoulders as I walked down the hallway of Beverly Dale high school, the last time I was here was when I was a kid. My dad just made us move back in here because he wants to form a business partnership with Mr Hawk Andrews who used to be his brother, not blood.

I sighed heavily as I reached my locker, making sure to ignore the snickering voices and taunts. I wasn't going to let anyone get to me. I was literally expecting this as a new student, but they all don't have an idea of how bitchy I can be. I have had my own share of bullying people and I won't let anyone trample on me or even try to bully me. I scoffed loudly as I slammed my locker shut.

I walked towards a group of boys who are obviously in the basket ball team, their Jerseys gave them away. They we
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