A vow of Revenge

Bryan Andrews

My childhood memories flashed through my mind. Erica howling with laughter has she called me FFB, a acronym for Fat freckles boy and how Erica emptied a jar full of insects into my pants. A shudder coursed through me as I remembered the unbearable pain I faced, years ago she had played havoc with my life. I spent one and the half months in the hospital, I have accepted the fact that I was going to live with the consequences of that havoc forever.

Seeing her in class today only brought back the memories I have tried so much to forget. When my dad mentioned the business partnership with her dad, I knew I will be seeing much of her. I scoffed loudly as I sat on my bed. I was quite in school today which was unusual.

I am the King of Beverly Dale high school, and I've been labelled a casanova by everyone in school. I don't like girls, but I love fucking them. I like pounding into their pussy and hearing them scream as I pleasure them. There is a rumour that I have fucked seve
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