A very Important Announcement: It is out!

Hi Readers! The Badboy's Obsession is now out on the App!  You can now continue reading the story of Bryan and Erica. Updates will continue as usual. I'm am so sorry this came late. Updates will be coming in as usual. 

Let's wait and see if Bryan is going to take it easy with Erica. Is he going to make the same mistake like his father or is he going to come up with another plan entirely. And what if he does, would he be able to go through with the revenge or something unbelievable is going to happen. Teasers will be posted on my pages. Follow me on In sta gram and let's cook a pot of delicious friendship. I* Handle: @_giftywrites Face book: Author Mitchell DBG. Well Erica really ruined Bryan's life. Only if she knew the prank she thought was harmless years ago has actually done more harm to him.

Yesss! Tell a friend to tell a friend that The Badboy's Obsession is out! There is also a surprise waiting ahead for you Alphonso and someone else, like someone interesting is coming back! I can't wait for you amazing readers to find out everything I have for you. Thank you so much for all your supports, you guys are my favorites. ❤️ See you guys in the other book. Lot's of love. One more thing, if you haven't left a review in the review section, please do that, I will be on the lookout for your reviews. Thank you. 

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Sharn Poihipi-Henry
cant wait to indulge in the new book ... Overly excited ... Your books are amazing ...
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