This Bastard

"Please, spare me this time," Amy pleaded even further. Eventhough she knew that pleading at this moment was too risky but if she agreed to do this, he would confirm his wrong perception of her. She was never that type of woman, a slut, a prostitute, that wasn't her. 

His phone rang at that moment, his attention then drifted from Amy who was kneeling before him and fell on the phone that was ringing. He took one more look at Amy and then walked over to his phone. 

He picked it and seeing whom the caller ID was, he sat and answered it, the caller was the only one who can have the gut to call him at this hour. 

"Hello son, " the voice of an elderly woman came through. 

He didn't want to have conversation with his mother before a stranger, "out!" He declared and Amy stood quickly. The call saved her, she quickly walked out. 

Oh gosh! A narrow escape again! She had become so emotionally destabilized that she couldn't stay anoth

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Bro M. Johnherman
I can't get enough of it, please allow us to read frequently without stopping after every chapter
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Bro M. Johnherman
very interesting
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Bella Jersey
Callen is disgusting

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