You Are Fired

Amy wanted to scream but the hand covered her mouth in a quick pace, she calmed and tried to look at the person's face, seeing that this person was Callan, she pushed him away angrily, "why did you drawl me here?" She walked out of the dark space and shot him a disgusting look. 

"Don't pretend like you don't miss me," Callan smirked. 

"Disgusting. After six years, did you still think I'll not have get over what happened?" She asked. 

"It's not my fault that you are barren," Carren scoffed," and...your pretense about Broderick being your hubby is just a joke, you think I don't know? Broderick and I are childhood friends and we use to be best of friends but over the years, we have grown apart and are not in good terms anymore. Nevertheless, I still know many things about him. You of all people can never be Broderick's taste," Callan said. 

"Either I'm his taste or not, can I know why you are concerned? You are with your sec

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Bella Jersey
Yeah we gotta get home for babies
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Elizabeth Miller
this book is really good everyone should read it ...

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