Amy and her six kids were now in the mansion, the kids were in Nell's room, Amy told the kids that the woman was their second grandma and would be responsible for taking care of them but since she lives in the mansion, she would always check up on them and play with them as usual. 

Most importantly, she warned the kids again and again to now refer to her as 'aunt' rather than to refer to her as 'mum.' When the children asked why, she told them that it was necessary for now. She said they will all be protected if they refer to as such and they all concurred eventhough they couldn't fully understand the reason behind why their mother wanted them to be referring to her as 'aunt' from now henceforth. 

But as long as they would all be protected, they would do just as she had wanted them to do. 

Amy's greatest fear was for the children not to refer to her as mum before Broderick. 

Amy w

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Sisilia Ate Liku
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Bella Jersey
He’s truly vicious
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Mary Schneider
are you kidding me? if this woman is going to play this game with her children I'm done reading this!

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