I'm Sorry, I'll Leave

Broderick watched as Nell lead the children to her room. Were those six children really her children? But she couldn't have abducted six identical kids at a time if at all she wanted to abduct. He then purposed to have some talks with any of the child at any chance. 

Amy was frustrated inside the bathroom, she has to sit at the headrest of the baththub with only a towel around her body. How heartless could this man be? If at all he wanted to lock her up, must it be in the bathroom? 

Amy remained in the bathroom until it was night, she kept hoping that he would probably change his mind but he didn't, moreso, she had not even taken dinner yet and she was beginning to get hungry. 

But the night kept closing up yet there was no sign of anyone, does that mean she would not be able to check on her children this night? She walked to the door and planted a knock on the door but got no response, she banged the door heavily out of frustration and even screa

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Janet Ferguson
Good for Amy that she is standing strong and not let pit for Elizabeth cloud her decision to leave! Her son is a bastard.

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