Don't Dare To Run Away

Amy didn't know what to say anymore, she was in a state of dilemma now, her mouth was literally shivering and she wondered why her plan to run away didn't just go as planned. She despised Callan so much for going to pick her children. 

After two minutes of silence, the call came to an end. 

Amy's hand dropped slowly from her ear. What would he plan on doing to her now? She had angered him and she was now in deep trouble. 

"The phone, please," Brett requested and Amy handed over the phone to him. She had even forgotten that Brett was standing before her. 

Brett walked away from her and Amy got seriously lost in thought that she barely had no idea of what was going on around her anymore. She was in deep suspense about what Broderick planned on doing to her. Most particularly, she was scared that he may go ahead and ask Callan about it. If Callan spills out the truth, was she not in bigger trouble that way? 

Should she quickly

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goodnovel comment avatar
how dumb can he be to not realise that the boys look like him and I am sure the girls look like their mother?
goodnovel comment avatar
JANIEL Mongroo
Book is dumb the main character is dumb
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary Schneider
how stupid is this author? she lost a reader here!

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