I Promise

Broderick was busy in his study room when he heard a knock on the door. His study room was also in the mansion, who dared to knock on the door of his study room? He though to himself. 

Could it be that woman? He stood angrily and walked over to the door. Everyone in the mansion, even his mother's, know better not to disturb him whenever he's at his study room no matter how urgent it was. 

He opened the door and saw a young and handsome boy who surprisingly looked like him. 

The boy shouted," I found him." 

Broderick was surprised at what the boy said but before he knew what was happening, another boy appeared , then another young boy, then three girls at the same time making them six in total. 

These little ones are for Nell, what are they doing around his study room? How did they even get here? 

He frowned and wanted to chase them away but he suddenly remembered the very day that one of the boys called Nell aun

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Antoinette Shehab
seems to like the kids

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