"I'll be there," the boss sand and hung the call up.

The little boy was scared, he didn't know what these numerous guards would do to him. He hoped earnestly that his mommy would come quickly to save him.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere changed into a very cold one eventhough the wheather was hot. The entire guards could feel a chill run down their spine as they saw the boss and his personal assistant walked towards them.

They all bowed their head as the boss aproached them.

It didn't take time for the boss to identify the little boy, he looked so cute that he forgot how ruthless he was. He wondered why this little one looked so much like him. He turned to his personal assistant who also had a surprising look on his face. The striking resemblance between the boss and the little one was so obvious.

The boss dismissed everyone including the personal assistant and looked at the little boy blankly, "what's your name?"

"Will you beat me?" The little one asked fearfully. He needed
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