Take Everything Down

On a Saturday morning after eating breakfast with Fred, Debby left home for work. In order to get enough to foot the debt that her father's company was, she had applied to work as a manager at one of the biggest restaurants in the country and luckily she was accepted.

She has vast knowledge when it comes to cooking. She spent most of her days as a cook at the small city that she was with her kid before coming over here.

She soon entered her car and drove off. As for Fred, she had already employed a maid who would look after him in her absense.

As soon as Debby left the house, Fred, who had been waiting for her to leave all these while immediately walked swiftly to the maid's room.

Eventhough the door to the maid's room wasn't locked, he knocked and called with his tiny and cute voice," Aunt Sarah!"

Steps could be heard approaching the door after which the door opened. Sarah, the maid saw him and smiled," Fred, do you want me to do something for you?"


"Okay, tell me,"
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