Collided On A Tall Figure

Harry entered the Vernon's villa and was immediately welcomed by the butler.

The averagely old butler immediately lead him to sit, "I'll go to inform Master that you here." He lowered his head and quickly walked away.

Harry had received a call from his grandfather a few minutes ago telling him to come to his place. Actually, he also had something to tell his grandfather.

About a few seconds later, an old man was lead in to the living room, he was supporting himself with a rod and looked very weak.

After he had sat, Harry greeted him and asked," grandpa, how is your health?"

"It would get better if you do the only thing I've been asking for," the man said and coughed, "Harry, it had been many years since your girlfriend died. For how long will you mourn her?"

Harry hated for his grandfather to talk on this subject, this is why he always try to avoid coming to his place.

"I found Broderick Alessandro's daughter," he immediately changed the subject to what he thinks was more impo
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