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Debby went ahead to open the door, she was stunned to see Arthur standing by the door. The frown on her face deepened, "what are you doing in my house?" She already felt like slamming the door across his face.

"We need to talk," Arthur said with a scoffing smile across his lips.

"What do we have to discuss? Why are you even in my house?" Debby wondered how she knew the new place she's living.

"You are mine, Debby," he said confidently," you need to stop acting tough."

Debby felt like slapping sense into his head, "I guess that bitch broke your heart?" Debby was referring to Edna. It's no wonder he was cheated on her with Edna.

Arthur had never really liked Edna, he had only agreed to marry Edna in the past because her family promised to help his crumbing business rise. Edna had asked him to prove his genuine love for him by having sex with him and he did. He didn't expect that Debby will catch him having sex with Edna then.

He knew what he did was wrong but a man has to do what
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Kerry Ann Williams
where is her brother and sister them

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