You Have Seduced Mr. Harry

This man has so many bodyguards and many drivers yet he chose to drive himself today. Weird! Debby thought quietly.

Even after three minutes of driving, there was a scary silence inside the car. Debby wondered why he wasn't saying a word.

"So Arthur is your fiancee?" He finally spoke. His face concentrating on the road before him. Debby looked at his handsome side profile and corrected, "ex fiancee! We broke up five years ago."

He hummed and continued driving then he parked before a large mansion.

He got down and she got down too. She had no idea what he had brought her here to do.

"This is my family's mansion where my grandfather stay. You must pretend like we are truly getting married to eachother," he said.

Debby was shocked, "sorry but you can just take Edna to him since you and Edna are truly getting married soon." Of course, Harry and Edna were both in a relationship so it's expected that they would marry soon, so Debby thought.

Harry had brought Edna to his grandfa
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Iki McCray
Wow this is crazy
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Norma Jean
Dude wTF too long for 1 chapter this is ridiculous
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Linda Brown
No one is reading our comments,I plain to contact the payment section because I want my money back, two weeks is to long to wait for an updated , this book should be free

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