"Vaughn, stop, it's not funny" I said but I didn't bother to remove it, I have no strength.

"Come on, Avis, why are you silent? Do you need to go to the bathroom, don’t worry I can cover for you," he chuckled and let go of my face.

What surprises me is a big chocolate pouch drink on his other hand on the front of my face.

"Sweets can make you feel better when you have loose bowel movement," he told me and put the drink in both of my hands.

It made my heart warm and feels good. I clasped it with my own two hands, it made my feelings lighter than before. I just chuckled and tap him on his back, "Thank you."

I get the straw at back and put it at the designated hole in the pouch drink. Then we just sat on a bench. I didn’t notice we were on the school park in where vending drink machines are just around the area.

"You need to dry clean my handkerchief, it's full of snot" he smacked the handkerchief on my face.

I remove it and irritatingly smack it back on him, "I didn't even use it, you dumb."

"I used it because my hands were full of your snot." He projected a grossed face while showing me his hand.

"That's not my problem, who told you to put your hands on my face, weird guy."

"Because you are embarrassing me, you have snots streaming down and people were looking."

"IT'S NOT SNOT!" I slapped him on his back.

"It was," he just looked at me and smiled genuinely.

I stopped. This is the first time he smiles like I don't know what he is thinking, he smiles a lot to make fun of me or show his amusement. But now, it wasn't like that. He knows.

"Yes, it was snot." I sipped on my drink and lean back.

We just stayed silent for a while. We just sat there, looking around. The schools park is great; the school has a lot of areas, mainly for parking spaces, sports field, event field, park and etc. It was wide and great. I often go here with Tess to relax, while she sleeps on the benches. I like how everyone can stay under the shade of trees because a lot of them are planted everywhere, there were also birds staying at other trees. The breeze was much cooler and relaxing in here.

It makes me feel better now, with my surroundings, the chocolate drink, and Vaughn.

"So, do you still wanna go to the bathroom?" He chuckled.

 I smacked him at the back.

After staying with Vaughn and I still have a vacant time, I received a call from Tess saying she was in the infirmary again. But not to sleep, she's been caught up in a fight.

I hurried back and saw that she has a bandage on her hand. A big one.

"What happened to you?" I ask.

"I live." she said casually.

I was bewildered, of course, I know my friend, Tess, is an A****n and she would never lose to anyone.

She's been my friend since we were 4th grader and I know her so well.

I basically consider her as my family and sister.

"You are not the type to lose, Tess." I told her.

"You've changed, you're getting weak." I teased her using a line from somewhere.

"I am not the type to lose, but not to some crazy mother fucker. I would not fight someone insane," she lay down on the bed and stretched.

"What do you mean?" I gasped. Insane?

"Apparently, Skylar's dog came here today. She's still insane about him."

Skylar's dog? Insane about him? This could only be one person.

Penny Winston. She's low-key violent when it comes to Skylar and is a big fan. She always posts him on a blog and always talks about him. Though I also follow the blog.

"Wasn't she's just in New York?" I asked. She was sent there by her parent’s maybe because she caused one harm to a student.

"Bruh, look at this, she stabbed me by a fork, isn't this proof she's back?"


"It's only a graze, that girl is dead ass scary. She really needs to admit to the hospital."


Penny Winston is actually a threat in this school and she must be reported, but wealth means power and they're family holds a big political role in the country and are far by one of the wealthiest family here.

"So, better don't get near to Skylar."

"I don't."

"You shouldn’t be." she looked at me seriously.

I gulped and nodded.

How can I go near? I had been rejected, Tess.


I waited for Tessa’s car to lose in my sight. I called her driver a little while ago so she can now go home. There is still a last class, which is 4 to 5 PM. She said she wanted to stay more and sleep in the library, but after my second to the last class. I insist she needs to go home. She doesn’t have a choice so.

I went back to classroom 15 minutes before the class starts. As I entered the door, I saw Vaughn sitting beside my seat. He is looking at me smiling like an idiot. He taps my seat gesturing me. That is Tessa’s seat if she was here now. I’m not in the mood to argue so I just let him do whatever he wants right now.

I lay my arms crossly on the table then set my head over there. My seat is beside the window, so I’m facing it right now. It is so quiet outside and inside. We have a quiz now, so all my classmates are reviewing their notes, expect for me and this guy beside me.

So, Penny Winston is back. I let out a sigh. She can now have Skylar all to herself.

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