“Grandma, can I ask a question?” I asked.

“What is it darling?” she smiled at me then, held my hand.

I looked at her.

“In all of the stories you told me up until now that I’m close to a grown up woman, I’m 17 now, if you’re missing it grandma. So, why does the girl in your story always die?” I curiously asked.

I wonder why the girl in her story named Avis like mine, always dies. The happenings in the story changes, but the ending is still the same, I’m getting pissed off by that.

“Because, she always chooses to save him. She always wants to save him.” She answered as she caresses gently my hands.

“That’s how love works; you get to experience sacrificing your own happiness or even own life for the sake of your love ones.” She continued.

“Is she

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