Vaughn walks until he reached beside me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“That should be my question. It’s past 1 A.M. and you are still roaming around outside.” He said, concerned. Then, he looks at Skylar.

“What are you planning to do this time, Skylar? He asked to Skylar.

“Just like what you did earlier.” Skylar answered with a grin in his face.

“Stop it. She’s innocent.” Says Vaughn as he glared to Skylar.

“Really?” Skylar smirked then glanced at my side.

“If you are talking about me, yes I’m innocent.” I said to Skylar and there is still his smirking face.

“I don’t think so.” He answered. He looks like he is enjoying this conversation because he is smiling to annoy me and Vaughn.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Why do you have the necklace?” he asked. And the smile in his face is now gone.

“What necklace?” I asked back.

Now that he mentioned it. I roam my hands around my neck to feel m

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