I put the pen down as I stopped writing and remembered the pendant earlier. While looking at it earlier, I felt like something tugged me when I saw that thing. It made have goosebumps for a sec but I don't really understand why.

I just brushed it off earlier and because of it, it made me quiet the entire time riding in Skylar's car.  Skylar might have noticed it or he just don't care

I just got home because when I wake up at Skylar, the school time is over, my mom is gonna kill me for sure.  I walked up and tried to fix the things in my desk after I wrote something. That feeling still bugged me till now, and it's quite annoying actually.

I lied down in bed and reached for the remote of my television in my bedside table. I should just watch some movies to ease my mind, since I'm done with my school works and other related stuffs.

Horror movie seems quite nice; I think it can relieve my thoughts on the pendant if I watched some.

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