Arghh! I’ll never drink alcohol again on weekdays. Wrong move Avis. Your stupidity nowadays is hilarious that someday you'll die because of it, Avis!

I just finished my afternoon class and I badly need to library because I have a lot of school works to finish today since I’m half day absent yesterday.

I should’ve been on my way to home now, but I think I’m gonna overtime because of the stupidity I did yesterday. I also haven’t called or talked to Tess about her plans tomorrow Saturday about her birthday plans. I didn’t also have the chance to eat lunch earlier. I’m hungry, I think I’m gonna cry.

I entered my library card and walk over to Ms. Bailey. “Good afternoon!” I said, showing her my most beautiful smile. Please, don’t remember it! Please! Please!

“Where’s the book?” she said then remove her gaze on mine and focus on organizing the books on her desk.

“I forgot it.

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