"Oh, Skylar..." I slowly said as I saw him. He looks at me with something within his eyes and I can feel goose bumps for no reason.

He pulled the chair next to me and sat.

I just remained silent and quickly wipe off my tears. "I'll just give this back to you tomorrow," I said, pertaining to his handkerchief.

"Tough day?" He asked quietly.

I just nodded to him.

I closed my eyes for a second because I just realized that he always caught me always in my pathetic state, just why?!

And why was he here? Didn't he keep on avoiding me since the beach day?

"What makes you come here?" I asked with a low voice. I started to open again the books and proceed to continue my work.

"You," he said.

I abruptly stopped writing when I heard what he said. My heart skipped a bit and tried to recall if I did hear it correctly.

I look at him and I could see him trying to scan some of my paper works that are neatly stocked on th

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