I both looked at Vaughn and Skylar, all of them looked good and dashing tonight.

"All right! So..shall we go inside?" I both asked them because the air kinda feel intense for some reason. I was about to turn my back when a rushing person suddenly jumps at me and clanged it's full body to my neck.

Of course, it's Tess. Because I can't fully grasp the sudden situation, it resulted for me to have an out of balance and fall to the ground, of course, with Tess on top of me.

"Aviiiiiis! My wifeeeeey!" She hugs me tightly after we got up.

"Can you please inform me that you are gonna do that? I nearly had a heart attack. “I said to Tess and she laughs.

"I'm sorry, I thought the boys will be there to catch you," she smiled to me and intensely takes a mad stare at both Vaughn and Skylar.

"Kidding! Come on in, guys!" She said to boys and she proceeds to link her arms to me, resulting for me to be dragged towards inside the house. Both Vaughn and

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