Chapter 3 – Finding Mate


All the girls either giggled or squealed in excitement when the big double wooden doors opened. Again I was hit by the strong scent of fresh-cut grass and spices and then he came out. I have seen Alpha Miles before but at this moment it feels like I am seeing him for the first time. He looks confident when looking at the line of girls and he looks very handsome with his brown messy hair, green eyes, and muscular build, a real Alpha.

He slowly looks at the line of girls, when his eyes fall on me he stops. Locking eyes, I feel as if I am being sucked in, and Kali is chanting one word in my head.

‘Mate, Mate, Mate’

“What is he doing?” Leah asks whispering but no one answers her.

“Why is he looking at you.” She whispers. I don’t answer, I barely hear her talking.

Alpha Miles begin to walk in our direction never removing his eyes from mine, just before he reached us Leah stepped in front of me and smiles wide at Alpha Miles.

“Alpha, So nice to meet you, my name is Leah.”

Alpha Miles does not even look at Leah but keeps his eyes locked with mine. He reaches his hand behind Leah towards me and I slowly lift my hand to his. Tingles run up my arm when my hand finally touches his, and he smiles at me before softly pulling me forward while he still ignores Leah.

“What is your name beautiful?” God his voice is so deep and manly.

“Laura, Laura Perl.”

“Hello, Laura.”

“Hello, Alpha Miles.”

“To you, I am just Miles. My mate doesn’t need to call me Alpha.” I smile and nod my head.

Still holding my hand Miles begins to lead me towards the packhouse, reaching the top of the stairs Miles turns to face all the pack and yells.

“Midnight Pack members, I give you, Laura Perl. My fated Mate.” Cheers and happy yells come from the many people that have come to see their Alpha finding his mate.


I am standing in Miles’s bedroom, he brought me here after he finished talking to the pack. He comes to stand close to me, running his hands over my shoulders and arms. Looking deep into my eyes his hands come to gently hold my face, getting closer, and then he kisses me. First, he kisses me softly, but it doesn’t take long before he gets rougher and kisses me hard. In the meantime, he has slowly walked me over to his bed. His hand comes around to my back and he pulls the zipper on my dress down. Pushing the straps from my shoulders the dress falls to the floor, and I am standing in my strapless bra and matching panties.

Miles is looking at me with hungry eyes and comes close to kiss me again. While kissing me, he unclips my bra and it falls to the floor too. He leads me to lay down on his bed and begins to kiss me down my neck and body until he stops at my breasts taking my nipple into his mouth sucking on it hard, making me whimper a little. Stopping he looks at me before hooking his finger under the waistband of my panties and pulling them off.

“I can smell you are a virgin. It’s making me crazy for you my little beautiful mate.” Blushing and not knowing what to say I just smile a little.

“I am going to enjoy this very much, little mate.” He whispers with a husky voice.

He hovers above me, and I feel his hand between my legs. Two fingers finding their way inside me he thrust them in and out of me until I am wet and ready. Removing his hands I feel his hard cock at my entrance come close and kiss me.

“The pain will be over fast”

He whispers against my lips and thrusts inside of me fast and hard, making me whimper out from the pain. He smiles at me and begins to thrust in and out of me in a fast rhythm. He pulls out after a little time, holding on to my hips and turning me around to stand on all 4.

“God, you have a nice ass.” He says and thrusts hard into my pussy again, taking me from behind.

I feel a hand coming around me, finding my clit, and begin to rub it in circles. I slowly feel the pressure building and beginning to spreading down to my core. He must be feeling it because I hear him groan.

“That’s it, cum on my hard cock.”

He rubs my clit a little more thrust inside me fast and hard and within seconds I am moaning and coming around his cock.

“Fuck yes that’s it, baby.” He groans and a few more hard thrusts and Miles finds his release deep inside of me.

He pulls out of me and lays down next to me. Looking at me he smiles and says.

“Thank you, baby, you were great.”

He closes his eyes and falls asleep.

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Just like a typical male ... shortest three minutes lmao
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Tania Love
Just like that ?
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Thus a selfish mate. what shortlived foreplay

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