Chapter 5 – Miles POV


I am sitting in my office chair doing a little work when the door opens and Leah steps in before closing the door. I can’t help but smile at her, she has been coming secretly to my office these past two weeks. Truth to be said she is nowhere as beautiful as Laura, but Leah lets me fuck her in whatever way I want to and I never really wanted a mate. For the same reason, I had not marked Laura, because that would have given her a direct line to my thoughts and feelings.

“Alpha.” Leah greets me with a seductive smile and lust burning in her eyes.

“Leah, what can I help you with?” I ask playing my role but winks at her.

“Alpha, I have this burning desire and lust and I can’t fight it.” I chuckle.

“Come here sweet Leah, let your Alpha help you.”

‘Not again, you are hurting mate.’ My wolf Titus growls in my head

‘She doesn’t know why it hurts sometimes, so shut it.’  I push him to the back of my mind and block him.

Leah is walking slowly over to me while undressing letting me watch her delicious body. I turn my chair towards her when she comes close now naked. I run my hands over her body feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples to make her moan. Then my hands go to her thighs, making her spread her legs so I can watch her shaved pussy. I run two fingers between her already wet folds until I plunge them inside her. Making her moan out my name. I fuck her hard with my fingers and it doesn’t take long before she moans out her first orgasm.

Removing my fingers she instantly falls to her knees and runs her hand over the hard bulge in my pants. Opening my pants she quickly let my hard cock free and begin to stroke it whole locking her lips.

“Does my sweet Leah want to taste her Alphas cock?”

“Mmm, yes please Alpha can I?”

“Of course, you can sweetheart.”

She smirks at me and then wraps her sweet mouth around my cock making me grow from pleasure. She sucks and teases my cock with her tongue and it feels amazing. I put a hand into her brown hair and stand up, never removing my cock from her mouth, and begin to fuck her sweet mouth and throat and she takes everything I give her. I go fast and hard and feel my release building up, pushing my cock all into her mouth, I cum hard down her throat groaning hard. I pull out when she has swallowed it all and let her breathe properly again.

“My sweet Leah is doing so well today.”

“Anything for you Alpha.” She says with a smile and I smirk back at her, before pulling her up to stand.

“My sweet Leah, you deserve a reward today.” I pull her in for a hard kiss, already feeling her hands stroking my cock, making me hard again.

“Turn around Sweetheart, bend over my desk.”

She is fast to do as told and her pussy is in full view for me. I plunge to fingers inside her and feel she is all ready for me.

"Mmm, So wet and ready to take my big cock. Do you want my big cock Leah?” she moans.

“Yes, my Alpha. I want all of it.”

I pull out my fingers and in one hard thrust, I slam into her wet tight pussy, joking her scream out from pleasure. I thrust in and out repeatedly hard fast and rough when something hits my senses. As an alpha, my senses are a lot stronger than other wolves. The scent of jasmine and Vanilla hits my senses and I smirk, my little mate is back home. Maybe it’s time to end this matebond, I have had the fun she could give me, admitted, she is a fuck, but so damn shy in bed.

I slam harder into Leah, making her scream louder when I smell Laura coming closer until I sense her just outside the door. I Keep fucking Leah hard when the door slowly opens, and Laura freezes from the sight of me fucking her sister from behind. I smirk at her and also see Leah looking up and sending her an evil smile.

“O God yes, I am coming Alpha.” Leah moans out, that is when I see Laura begin to turn around to leave

“Don’t you fucking leave, stand there and watch.”

I stop her with my Alpha command, knowing she can’t fight it. I can see the tears pressing in her eyes, but I just slam harder into Leah making her scream out when she cum around my cock. I slam in one more time and find my own release deep inside of Leah, all while Laura is forced to watch.

I pull out of Leah’s sweet pussy and kiss her before I put her to sit in my chair before turning to look at Laura.

"Did you enjoy the show, my darling Mate?" I look at Laura and she shakes her head.

“No? Well that’s just a shame, isn’t it? Did you really think that you are enough for me? Sorry to disappoint you, darling. But now you here maybe we should just tell her.” I say the last part while looking at Leah over my shoulder.

“Please do baby,” Leah says seductively making me want to fuck her all over again. Looking back at Laura I say the words I have wanted to for a while now.

“I will make Lead my Luna and my chosen mate. She knows how to cover my needs. Unlike you, the goddess I had never expected my mate would have been a virgin, but it was fun, wasn’t it Laura.” She still can’t find the words to speak, but she is fighting harder to not let her tears fall. I feel Titus whimpering and clawing my mind to be let out from the block I have up.

‘Do not do this Miles, do not hurt mate.’ He growls I ignore him.

“Oh well, I Miles Midnight, Alpha of the Midnight Pack, reject you Laura Perl as my mate and Luna. Accept it anytime you want or when the pain of me fucking your sister gets too much. I don’t care.”

I said the words, that will finally free me from the stupid bond, I feel a little pain but I know it is not my pain, it comes from Titus. I watch Laura realizing I lifted my command and she turns around and runs away from my office and the packhouse.

I turn to look at Leah who is laughing, she enjoyed seeing me crushing her half-sister’s heart. I grab her and pull her up to stand before crashing my lips on hers and kissing her hard.

“Sweet Leah, are you ready for round 2 and to be my Luna." She giggles.

“God yes Alpha, anything you want.” She answers already with her hand around my cock.

I pull her hand away, holding it in mine, and lead her to my bedroom.

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