Chapter 6 – The She-wolf In The Forest


I am out for my evening run like I do every night. I do not have to do this, I am the king of all werewolves and can get anyone I want to do this but I like doing it, and gives me a chance to run off the stress from the day. My wolf Shadow is a beast that everyone knows to fear, he won’t let anyone harm our people and packmembers of our pack “The Royal Moon Pack” it is our duty to protect them.

Shadow is running our usual route but tonight something feels different. I tell him to slow down so we can find out what it is when the wind carries a barely noticeable scent towards us, Jasmine and Vanilla. Shadow decides to follow the scent, wanting to find out where it comes from. Coming up to the small lake with the waterfall we have on our land, we stop and look around.

‘There, by the rocks, there is something.’ Shadow tells me. I look through his eyes and see he is right

‘Let’s check, but be prepared. I don’t want to be surprised by an attack.’ I feel that he agrees.

Coming closer we begin to see the soft sun-tanned skin of a body laying showing the back and a perfect ass, and long blonde hair. There is no movement, but I hear the soft sound of a slow heartbeat. Shadow softly pushes her a little but he gets no reaction at all.

‘Shift Shadow.’ I tell him and we do.

Shifting back to human, I am naked, but that doesn’t matter right now. I bend down and softly push the hair from the girl’s face. From what I can see of it, she is a very beautiful girl. I check her breathing and I am relieved when I can feel her breathing. I softly turn her body around, being a wolf it isn’t a big deal seeing someone naked, I will, however, admit this girl has an incredibly sexy body, with perfect breasts a flat stomach, and just the right amount of muscles.

She is still not waking up, so I stand and go find a pair of shorts that the pack hides all around in the parklands, in case we need to shift.

‘Doctor?’ I mindlink our pack doctor.

‘My King?’

‘I have found an unconscious She-wolf in the forest. I am bringing her to you, so be ready.’

‘As you wish My King, we will be ready for her.’ I don’t answer and close the link.

I bend down to check her, she is still unconscious but breathing, so I lift her up and begin to walk towards the pack and the hospital.

‘Where do you think she comes from, she isn’t one of ours. But she isn’t a rouge either.’ Shadow asks me.

‘I don’t know, but she doesn’t look like she is hurt, maybe she passed out from being exhausted. We will find out when she wakes up.’

‘She smells sweet like Jasmine and Vanilla.” He purrs.

‘She does.’

If I had not ready met my mate, I am sure this scent would have captivated me and drawn me in. If not that her beauty surely would have. Sadly I have met my mate, but she died in a rouge attack only hours after we had mated and marked each other. It’s 2 years ago now, and many She-wolves have tried to charm me enough so that we would make them our chosen mate and my queen. But we saw through that all and their hunger for power, so I only have a few girls I call when I need some release. I look at the she-wolf in my arms and for some reason, I can feel Shadow feeling very protective of her.

‘Mack?’ I mindlink my Beta, my right hand and best friend since childhood

‘What’s up, bro.’ Mack never uses my title unless we are in public.

‘Shadow and I have found an unconscious she-wolf in the forest. She isn’t from here but is no rouge either. I want you to check if there are any reports of her being missing.’

‘okay, right on it, can I get a description?’

‘Sun-tanned skin, long sandy blonde hair, and about 5,3 I think. She isn’t very big.’

‘Got it, will check right away.’

‘Thank you, come to the hospital when you are done. And bring me some clothes, could only find some shorts.’

‘Will do. See you soon.’


When I reach the hospital, the doctor and two nurses stand ready to take care of the she-wolf. I lay her down gently on the bed they have brought out, and they hurry in with her. I slowly follow them in, ignoring the lustful and longing stares I get from the nurses, I go to wait in the doctor’s office while I wait for Mack.

‘I will wait in your office doc. Mindlink me when I can come in.’

‘Yes, my King.’

I don’t wait long before Mack steps into the office, he hands me some clothes and says.

“No report of anyone missing with her description.”

“Hmm, that is strange. She looked like she had been running for days.”

“Maybe the family or her mate don’t know she is missing.”

“She wasn’t marked.” I feel Shadow whimper.

“Hmm, so family. I also checked to see if there should have been an attack somewhere last few days, but again nothing.”

“I guess we need to wait for her to wake up.”

‘My king, you can come in now.’

‘On my way.’ I look over to Mack and finish getting dressed pulling a hoodie on.

“They are ready in her room, come.”

We leave the office and walk down the hall until we reach the room I saw them taking her too, and enters. She is still unconscious but is hooked up to some machines and a drop.


The doctor turns around and bows to us.

“My king. As you can see, she isn’t awake yet. She doesn’t have any wounds on either outside or inside.”

“Any idea why she passed out?”

“Stress I think and exhaustion, her blood pressure was a little high.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes, she is pregnant, with twins.” I am shocked and don’t know what to say.

“Are they, I mean are the pups okay?”

“From what I could see, then yes.” I nod my head, that’s good.

“Okay. Thank you doc, let me know when she wakes up.”

“Yes, My King will do.”


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