Chapter 9 – A New Beginning


I have been here at the Royal Moon Pack for a little more than a month and everyone has been so sweet. Rosa has helped me a lot making sure I am eating the right food held my hair when I had morning sickness. She also took me shopping, which I felt was a little wrong when I didn’t have my own money to pay with. But she didn’t care about that and Liam just shushed, me when I tried to get him on my side.

Kali also loves it here. She had been very quiet in the beginning after I had accepted Mile’s rejection and severed the bond to the pack. But after a few days, she began to come back to normal. She told me last night that Liam’s wolf sometimes communicates with her. And that makes things easier for her. I am grateful that someone helps her.

I am currently laying outside on one of the garden beds and enjoying the sun when I feel a shadow fall on me, looking up I see Liam looking down and me and smile when I open my eye

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Princess Pameron
unlock please
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Selly Langemeijer
Leah thinks she is better than Laura, but if she learns that Laura now lives with the King she would try to get Liam herself. She is just power hungry and Miles never saw her true nature!

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