Chapter 10 – Walking Through The Pack.


Liam led us into where all the packmembers have their houses, but there are also shops and a place where you can sit down and get a coffee. He showed me the gym and where his warriors work out and train daily. I was surprised to see so many she-wolves there, but Liam told me he likes for everyone to be able to protect themselves, so he encourages as many as possible to at least take some classes in self-defense.

“From the look on your face, I take it that this isn’t something you are used to.”

“No, she-wolves were not allowed to train. Especially not with the warriors. My dad wanted to train me, but the old Alpha said no. When Miles became Alpha he continued that.” Liam nods.

“Sadly many packs still function in that old fashion way. But that means you never trained?”  

“Yes, but I wanted to." Liam smiles at me.

“When you have given birth, I will train you until

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Karen Joymoss
I like it very much.. so gentle and easy to read
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Marlene Matthews
I’m liking it so far
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Shanta Narine-Abhiraj
I am enjoying the story, good job

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