Chapter 12 - Regret


Fuck, fuck, fuck. That stupid whore smacked Laura with one purpose, to draw blood. I threw Danielle out of the door after nearly choking her.

I hurry over to Laura. It hurts me to see her hurt, especially when it is because of me. I try to check her wound, but she pulls away from me. I freeze. Her eyes look at me with pain within them.

“I will mindlink the doctor. Get him to come here to check it."

“I am fine.” She turns away as if she is going to walk away.


“It's fine, Liam. I will heal.”

“At least let me help you. Make sure it is clean.” She laughs.

“You afraid the women you sleep with have dirty hands or something?” I cringe at her words. Guess I deserved that one.


“I am fine, Liam. But maybe warn me next time, so I can’t stay out of sight and the women visiting you, don’t get the wrong ideas.” Fuck. I hate how her voice sounds right now. It’s filled with so much disgust right now. She begins to walk up the stairs.

“I’ll be down when dinner is ready
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Some spelling Mistakes but a good read none the less

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