Chapter 14 – A Lesson Given


I lost it completely. What the hell runs through the head of someone when they completely deliberately wear something that can hurt any wolf if they come in contact with it. I mean, it is not like we do not already have a weapon on us, because we do. For fuck sake we have claws and within seconds we can let out a beast 1000 tines worse than claws. And apparently, it wasn’t the first time, the doctor saw scars or wounds after something like this.

I had to get out of there, am already on edge from Laura trying so hard to avoid me. But knowing someone hurt her and left a permanent scar on her, because of me. I couldn’t handle it. It’s no wonder that she hates me. I mindlinked Mark to go drive her home. I only just made it to the forest before my anger got so intense that Shadow forced the shift and ran. In my wolf-form, I mindlinked some warriors to go pick up Danielle and lock her in the cells. I wasn’t going to let her walk

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Elvira Valenzuela
I don’t like the waiting. But like the novelty

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