Chapter 16 – Feelings


It has been 6 weeks and 4 days since Liam surprised me with the room, he had made for the twins. I was shocked, but I also know he did it because he felt bad for what Danielle had done. I had not seen any girls here since that incident. And we had spent time researching to see if there were any records of healing scars after silver.  And I didn’t know how to thank him for making the room or the time he used otherwise to be with me or help me. One day we were sitting outside in his garden when the pups kicked. He got so worried, but I calmed him down, took his hand, and placed it on my belly. His eyes had become big and he sat down on his knees, before placing both hands on me, looking amazed as he promised the pups to take care of me.

I tried to help him in another way. There had been a big rouge attack and a lot had been injured, so I helped take care of the pups of the wolves, that had a mate or other family, that needed them.

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Manj Kaur Bansil
It a good story, but poor grammar
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Pam Winterbottom
I like this story very much. it's written well.

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