Chapter 20 - Secret Is Out


I wake up feeling something laying on me, I smile still with my eyes closed I remember laying down in bed together with a very naked Laura. I love the feeling of her body laying against mine. What feels like a finger is starting to draw circles on my chest. I run my fingers through her hair and she lifts her head to look at me.

“Did you have a nice nap beautiful?” She nods her head and blushes.

I move us so she is laying on her back, and I am looking down at her. She is so beautiful I don’t understand how her mate could reject her. I kiss her softly before standing up and walking out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom. After I go to take some clean boxers and pants on, I grab a t-shirt and walk into the bedroom seeing her sit wrapped in my blanket, I smile at her before I help her get my shirt on. She looks damn sexy wearing my clothes.

“You look too damn good like this," I say smiling and kissing her again.

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Comments (4)
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Kathleen Roland
I like the story, but it's in dire need of proofreading. It makes the sex scenes hard to enjoy when you have to figure out what is happening because of grammatical errors or the wrong nouns beibg used. Not to mentioned the multitide of spelling errors.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rizona Watanabe
I love this book.
goodnovel comment avatar
Princess Pameron
unlock po please

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