Chapter 21 – Feeling Happy


I am walking down the hall from my room, thinking about yesterday I had been so nervous about going downstairs for dinner. Would she tell Mack, or did he already know as Rosa had? Did the pack know? Eventually, Liam calmed me down enough to be able to go down for dinner.

The dinner had been awkward after Rosa let us know, that she knew about Liam and me. But after I helped her clean up, she surprised me by grabbing me and pulling me into a warm hug, and telling me, thank you for making her son happy. It had made me tear up and she had held me, telling me I also deserve happiness and love.

I find Rosa sitting by the dining table with a bunch of papers. She looks up when I step inside and smiles at me, before looking at the papers again.

“Is it the plans for the Lunar eclipse?“ I ask her

“Yes. I am trying to think of what sort of lights, we need when it gets dark."

“What are your options?“

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