Chapter 22 – The Elders


After my picnic with Laura, she goes to take a nap. And I go into my office to do some work. Sitting in my chair, I smile at the thought of Laura helping my mom, with the plans for the upcoming event. From what I got to hear she had thought about a lot of ideas. Usually, at this time of the year, we celebrate the end of summer and that winter is coming, only the year we have the Eclipse so we also celebrate that.

I hear the bell going but I know my mom is here, so I let her open today.

‘Liam, some of the elders are here. They want to speak with you.” Mom reaches me through the mindlink.

‘Okay, can you show them here to my office, please?’

‘Of course.’ She ends the link. And it doesn’t take long before she knocks on the door. And in comes 3 Elders.

Jackson, Andrew, and Sanderson all three bow for me and I nod my head briefly. The Elder Council is the one who together with me, ma

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