Chapter 26 – Coming Home.


I wake up and slowly open my eyes, still a bit sore and tired after giving birth, but I am so happy that they are finally here. And Liam was here with me, he never left but stayed, letting my curse and squeeze the life out of his hand. My eyes land on the armchair he has been sitting in, and see that he is still there, but he is sleeping with a sleeping Zara on his chest. They look so incredibly peaceful, and he has a hand around her back, so he doesn’t drop her.

While I am laying there looking at the man I have fallen for and my baby. When the door silently opens, a nurse comes in. When she sees that I am awake, she smiles and is about to speak when I motion to her to be quiet and points to the chair. The nurse turns around and sees her big bad, and dangerous king sleeping with a baby on his chest and a big soft smile breaks out on her face and she quietly leaves the room again.

A loud cry comes from the cradle where Zack is and st

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