Chapter 49 – Before The Full Moon


Tonight is the night. Not only is it my first run with the pack after becoming Queen, but it is also tonight that Valerie will use her magic and cast her protection spell into the bracelet for Zara.

I am standing in the shower. With shampoo in my hair and closed eyes, when Liam’s strong arms come around me. He holds me close, gently caressing my body, I am close to being in my second month of the pregnancy and have only a little more than a month back where I am allowed to shift. Liam Is worried about me shifting, and because of that, I don’t do it as much as I could. But he understands that being in the moon run tonight is important.

“Promise me you will be careful tonight.” He whispers softly, his lips touching his mark on my neck.

“I promise. And I will only shift once a week this last month. But I need to do it.” I tell him.

“I know baby.”

His hand is now on my inner thigh and all the heat is running straight to my core, damn pregnancy hormones. I know he feels it because I
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Selly Langemeijer
Miles only thinks about himself. He rejected Laura because she wasn't a whore with experience and mated and marked her whore half- sister. And now he thinks he can just march in the Kingdom and take Zach and Laura? King Liam has banned and warned him, dumb basterd he will be dead soon!
goodnovel comment avatar
Shannon Willingham
He makes me sick
goodnovel comment avatar
Selly Langemeijer
Well he will soon be dead with Camille to. Miles is such an asshole only thinking with his dick!

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