Chapter 50 – The Full Moon


We are standing in the clearing, waiting for all those packmembers who, wish to run with us tonight. I look down at Laura and bends down kissing her forehead. When finally, everyone is here I clear my throat.

“Hello everyone, its always amazing to see us all together before we let out our wolves. Before we run, I have one announcement to make. I have bid welcome to an old family friends from our Queens family. This very old witch has her magic given to her by light and love. After she tonight does a spell that will make protection for our kids, she wishes to rest and just enjoy the rest of her life. So, I granted her a house in the forest where she can be in peace. And I command everyone to respect that. With that said I think we should run and tonight will also be our new queen’s first Full Moon run with us. Enjoy everyone.” I loudly speak out also opening the packlink so everyone can hear me.

I look down at Laura again and smile as I take her hand and walk to the forest line. I
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Michelle LegacyQueen
This book isn't finished is it? It's a really great read! I'm sure Miles will try to come for Zach, and can't wait to read about how they stop him!
goodnovel comment avatar
Selly Langemeijer
They know know that Miles will try to take the twins or only Zack. They should prepare and secure the house and pack. Miles will not survive this nor will Camille. The twins are better of never knowing their evil spermdonor!

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