Chapter 55 – The Battle

“They are here," I say, and the word spreads. And everyone gets ready, ready to fight and protect what is ours.

And here they are. We can hear them get closer and smell them. Most of the warriors are hidden in the trees and behind bushes. But I am here so that they see me first standing together with Mack and a small group of warriors.

I see the first group of shifted wolves come into our view, and they stop up when they see us. More wolves come forward, and like the first ones, they stop as if waiting for something or someone. Then I see him, Alpha Miles, coming forward and walking towards us. He stops and looks at us before grinning cruelly when he comes within talking distance.

“Your highness.”

“What are you doing here, Alpha Miles,” I ask him acting as if I don’t know his plans.

“I am here to take what is mine and what I deserve to be mine.” He answers, not wasting any time.

“Then you are in the wrong place, Alpha.” I calmly tell him.

“I don’t think so. Laura rightfull
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Gin Mi Vida Belleza
So when will we see the next chapter I mean miles is dead what’s next?
goodnovel comment avatar
Becky Farnsworth Smith
I am loving this book!
goodnovel comment avatar
I knew from the beginning, that would happen to Miles in the end but what happened to Cammalla? Liam should be punished her as well, bcoz she deserves the same punishment as Melis ...

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