Chapter 58 – Going Home


Finally, Laura and Xander are coming home today, it’s been two days since the birth, and after clearing them both, they are being released. Mom and Bryan brought the twins yesterday, and they are so excited to have a baby brother. Bryan told me that the pack had been celebrating non-stop. Also, the elder Anderson from the council called me, wishing us congratulation.

I look at Laura in the passenger seat as we drive home, and I still think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. We drive up in front of the house, and I open the back seat door where Xander is sleeping in his carrycot and take him out. We walk up to the house, and just as we open the door, mom, Bryan, Mack, and Cora spring forward together with Zach, Zara and Kai, cheering and wishing us to welcome home. We put Xander to sleep in his carrycot and eat together.


Later that night, after getting the twins a bath and a bedtime story, we take Xander into our room. We are lying in bed with Laura wrapped in my
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I knew it that she will do something again, but this time she doesn't know that she has dig her own grave, oh Camille, be ready now, bcoz surly this time you are not going to escape from Liam's hand and he will punished her very severely for what she deserve ...
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Becky Farnsworth Smith
Wish the chapter was longer!

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