Chapter 59 – Five years later


It’s been a few years, more precisely five, since Xander was born, and Liam was warned about what Camille was doing. He had sent spies out and was regularly hearing news from them. But so far, it had been pretty quiet with any actual plans to attack us and try to kidnap Zara. And Liam insists on always having a few guards with us if we go to town. And also have warriors around the school area.

Valerie’s protection spell worked. It hid her true eye color, but it also suppressed her powers to a minimum, so there was no more considerable change that others wouldn’t notice.

Zach, Xander, and Aiden were growing fast, and both already showed that they had powerful genes. Xander is the most powerful one, even though he is the youngest. Zack and Aiden don’t mind, though, and love training with Xander when Liam and Mack run and do different things to build up their stamina, of course without pushing them too far, and he makes it fun for them. Liam says to more stamina they have, the ea
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Sallie Brown-Vinson
hate the way you left the end of the book. it's like you wrote half a book and got tired and quit. when will the next book be out? this is really ridiculous how it was left with nothing as to when next book will be out.
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When is the next book coming
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Michelle Lynn Kennedy Welch
Please let us know any update on the next book please.

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