Chapter 18


The night turned into morning and before I realized it, it was afternoon. I was still sitting on the balcony, waiting for the front door to swing open with Autumn walking in. I knew I’ve seen her this morning but it felt like weeks instead of merely a few hours.

I shifted in my seat and rested my head. I’ve drunk a total of five cups of strong black coffee, my eyes were tired and my body wanted to rest. But I couldn’t sleep now, not until I made sure she was home. Not until we had a talk. I rubbed both hands over my face and took another drink.

My phone buzzed and I immediately pulled it out of my front pocket to find that it a text was from Mario. Maybe I should put a different ringtone for him so I’d know. His text was short as always. An address.

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Joyel Castro
really? I know he doesn't want to stress her out but he just needs to tell her what is going on

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