Chapter 54: Serendipity

I’m scared, just as much as my heart flutters because destiny keeps getting jealous of us. I’m just as scared as you. Just let me love you.

Tyler POV

By the time I had gotten to her apartment, police lines were everywhere and there was at least three police cars downstairs. It was chaos. Mario and I pushed through the crowd but we only made it one step over the police line before a cop came and prompted us.

“Is she okay?” I asked him as my eyes scanned the surroundings and my gaze fell onto the dried blood on the carpet a few feet away from where I stood. “Don’t tell me that’s her blood. Where is she? Is she alright?”

“Hey, hey, calm down!” The cop put both hands up and from the stern look on his face, I knew I better do as he said or he would get me kicked out of here. “Tell me who you are and what your relation to the victim.”

Although he sounded rea

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