Chapter 55: Spring Day

Before I met you, I was completely broken now I’m alright, feel alright when I see you, hidden behind the clouds. 

Autumn POV

One and a half months later,

I heard the chatter from the living room and let out a deep sigh. Jess and Tyler could have been more subtle. Since my breakdown over Frazier’s death, they seemed to agree that I should not be left alone. Ever since then, Tyler had moved back into the apartment, and having him around, although awkward, was still better than being alone. There was something between us that made it hard to go back to the way things were. Maybe he had been right, what had happened had changed us all.

From time to time, I would sit in the living room with Jess and remember having that silly talk about Niall Horan with both her and Frazier. If I thought me being at home was hard, it was nothing comp

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Darla Lyn
If the baby's Father is Frazier it must be Frazier to be with Autumn, but I feel bad for Tyler for his sacrifices for Autumn and they knows each other for a long time, for Frazier he had a crush only before for autumn and Autumn she doesn't love him from the begining so it's unfair for Tyler ..
goodnovel comment avatar
definitely Frazier! pleass bring him back!

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