5| First Day, First Meet

Dominic's POV

When the receptionist greeted me, she turned around and her chocolaty brown eyes met mine. It was the first time I was seeing her emeralds, and they captivated me. I couldn't take my eyes off her beauty. She was looking fresh and professional. The white light was reflecting on her face and it was shining even more.

She was blinking and looked a little scared. I am guessing my presence is affecting her, she is feeling nervous because of me. However, her eyes tell me that she hasn't recognized that I am the same man from that evening.

How could I expect her to recognize me when she blanked out before her gaze could fall on my face and her brain could remember me?

She gulped down in fear, her lips quivering slightly, and my gaze trailed down to those soft petals.

My tongue protruded from my mouth to moisten my lips in reaction. I could still taste the saccharine taste of her lips on mine, and I really wanted to taste them right now!



The constant calling jolted me out of my reverie. When I blinked and looked up, a girl was standing in my cabin, waiting for my response.

"Uhm," I said, clearing my throat, "Yes?" And blinked twice to look normal.

"The new girl that you have hired as your personal assistant has joined the company today. Should I bring her in?" She inquired.

"Yes," I said quickly. This is exactly what I was waiting for!

Her first day is today. I let her go without saying anything the day she arrived for the interview because I didn't want to scare her away during our first meeting.

I already have a lot for her in my store. And I would take things easy on her.

I am the one who brought her here and asked the team to HR her, even after she is underqualified for the post.

I am the type of guy who won't be satisfied until he does not have a full taste of what he likes, and that night I liked her. And now I am after her!

I have not been able to get her out of my head since that day. I want to touch, feel, taste, hold, and kiss her again and again until I am not satisfied!

When she went unconscious that night, a friend of hers came forward to take her home.

It was not difficult for me to find information about her. I got to know everything about her from her birth till now within a few hours. When I learned that she is the sole breadwinner for her family and is in desperate need of funds, I asked the HR to send her an offer letter and select her for the position of my 'Personal Assistant,' and now she is here, in my company and soon she will be in my arms!

My train of thought was broken by a gentle knock on the door. I am sure it is her.

"Come in," I said, pretending to be busy with my work.

The clicking of the door suggested that prey had entered my den. But my gaze remained fixed on the laptop screen, while my fingers worked on the keyboard. I don't want to appear to be waiting for her.

"Good day, sir!" Her voice sounded a little hesitant to me and it was as soft as she seems.

"Hmm, have a seat," I said, tilting my head towards the chair in front of me while keeping my gaze fixed on the laptop screen.

Even though my eyes were on the screen, my attention was on her. When I didn't respond, her eyes began to scan my cabin, and I am sure she was as intrigued by its beauty as I am by her.

Finally, I decided to close the laptop and gaze up at her.

Her gaze returned to me after she had taken in every nook and cranny of the place. She blinked and opened her mouth several times before closing it, unable to muster enough courage.

When she observed that I am staring at her, she became more focused. Unlike that day, her hair was tied in a high ponytail. She was blinking every now and then, her plump red lips pressed together, and her cute nose held all of her face's innocence. Her percaline white skin gave her cheeks a natural baby pink glow. She was in a professional attire that fitted her body perfectly.

She is indeed beautiful - almost doll -like!

Her form -fitted outfit accentuated her curvaceous figure.

When my gaze trailed down to her petite body, her fingers clutched the hem of her skirt tightly and began pulling it down, out of nervousness. It was clear that she isn't very comfortable under my gaze.

'Such innocence and predictability,'

This was the first thought that came to mind when I looked at her, but it quickly changed when that night's incident came to mind.

She is not as innocent as she appears because if she was she would not have kissed a complete stranger in public just like that!

When I stood up, she scrunched back in her seat and her body froze in place. Her big brown eyes widened and she sucked in a deep breath in anticipation as she looked up at me.

I approached her in the manner of a predator approaching his prey. In this silent cabin, only the clicking of my shoes could be heard. She was also terrified, which was exactly what I wanted.

Despite the low temperature, I could see beads of perspiration on her skin as I stood next to her.

My gaze trailed to her neck and found a tiny mole when she gulped nervously. I felt compelled to kiss and suck that spot and claim it as mine.

When my gaze lingered for more than a minute, she cocked her head to shield it from my prying eyes.

"Name?" I asked, looking back in her eyes.

Despite knowing much more than her name, I wanted to hear it from her mouth, as I found her voice quite sweet.

"Amaira Faye"

She said while standing up at her place when she realized that she was still seated while her boss was standing next to her.

My mouth twitched. I liked it!

She has that submissive nature! She would be easy to bend me to my will.

I turned a little to come to her face to face. The move brought us so close that I could smell her feminine scent, which drove me insane. She became more alert and wanted to take a step back to create some space between us, but she was trapped between me and the desk behind her.

She gulped again, releasing a shaky puff that fanned my unbuttoned shirt peeping chest.

If this is her natural self, I am in love with her nature because she could be my perfect submissive!


I leaned forward, and she leaned back, her buttocks brushing against the desk. At the time, all I wanted to do was push her back, swipe down the material off the desk and take her right against this wooden furniture.

"Assis- Assistant," the proximity between us caused her to stutter.

I could feel her breathing becoming erratic, her blood pressure rising, and her heartbeat quickening.

But this didn't stop me from approaching her.

She was blinking continuously as if she wanted me to disappear from her gaze. But it is not going to happen anytime soon!

When her back was perfectly arched and I was practically hovering above her, my eyes penetrated deep into her soul, daring her to inch away from me, she took her body weight on her palms.


I corrected her, emphasizing the word 'Personal' because that is why I hired her. To meet all of my professional and personal needs!

She nodded her head, trying to keep her breathing under control because a single inhalation of oxygen would heave her chest up, crushing it with mine.

Her gaze darted over my face, and her expressions indicated that she was trying hard to recognize me.

She appears to be replaying that kiss in her head, which I wish I could redo in right now.

The only difference is that she has no idea who she kissed that night.

When I inched forward, she lost her balance and fell flat on the desk on her back. Her upper body was on the desk, and I was standing in between her legs, which were dangling down the edge of the desk.

Anyone could have a negative opinion of us after seeing us in such a compromising situation. And I am sure she is also thinking the same as her heart is thumping really loud in her chest.

I hovered above her, my gaze pinning her to the wooden furniture.

We were too close, but our skin was not in contact, still she shivered like a leaf beneath me. Don't known what will happen to her when I will actually touch her.

My gaze moved to her face, taking in every inch of her soft, supple skin and beautiful features.

When I moved my face closer to her lips for my pleasure, she squeezed her eyes shut in horror!


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