6| The Evil Eye

Amaira's POV

When he hovered above me, I squeezed my eyes shut tight. My chest was heaving up and down, and I was trying my level best to keep my movements under control so that I didn't touch his body with mine.

We were so close that I am sure he could hear my heart that was drumming in my chest.

Although he has not touched me, not even a single inch of his skin has come into contact with mine, yet I felt touched; his eyes were penetrating so deeply into me that it appears he has reached my soul. His hot breath fanned my neck, causing goosebumps to appear all over my skin.

Under him, I was practically trembling like a leaf and I don't know why he was having such a strong effect on my senses. My entire body was numb, and my mind was completely blank. I couldn't figure out why he was doing all of this!

I mean, there is something called personal space and he was invading it without any hesitation. I so wanted to push him away but my hand co
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