113| Clearing way to wedding

Amaira's POV


I screamed from behind as I didn't want him to take his life. This could become more troublesome for us. But it seems like I became a little late in screaming as he already dug the rock.....

As I opened my tightly closed eyes, I saw Dominic still sitting on Austin, but the rock had been dug beside Austin's ear. Dominic's face was just above Austin's, and they were both looking at each other with wide eyes and taking deep, harsh breaths. The scene in front of me was terrifying.

When I realized Dominic hadn't killed Austin, the energy in my body drained and I collapsed to the ground, releasing a deep breath that I was holding for so long.

Austin appeared to be terrified for his life. Everyone loves their life, no matter how much he encouraged Dominic to kill him. He couldn't have predicted Dominic's reaction. But I am sure Dominic changed his mind about killing Austin because he is his younger brother, and Dominic still values his relationships.

"Mr. Kingston,
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Amazing chapter
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I neeeedddd more Dominics father need to be right where Austin is headed!!!!
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099 Yamini Shanmug
I don't know why but i am loving our Christian.. Want more of his part authoreyy

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