Epilogue 1

Amaira's POV

"Dominic, what are you doing?" I said as I moved away from him "Christian will come any time!" Dominic has been teasing me for the last half hour by touching me here and there.

He hasn't given me enough time to get ready for the party. He says I should spend more time making him happy rather than getting ready because, at the end of the day, it is him who will see me and he likes me even when I am wearing ripped clothes.

"But he hasn't arrived yet!" he whined, pouting like a kid "I don't know, I want my evening love,"

We didn't want Christian to come home and ruin our surprise, so he went to school and the driver dropped him off directly at his tuition classes after school. The poor kid has been trying to tell us since the morning that it is his birthday, but we have all been ignoring him and pretending that we are unaware. We decorated the house, invited his friends, and prepared everything according to his preferences after he left for school. This was my father's id
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Kētta Cordero
Please tell me she’s pregnant
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pooja karayat
Christian's blessings really going to work...
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pooja karayat
good news on its way...

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