Chapter 138: Choosing a Ring

Afternoon came and Hans went ahead to his scheduled appointment. Jonathan messaged him that he was already on his way to the mall that’s why he bid farewell to Everly and went on his way.

Everly’s concert hall and the mall are only a few blocks away so Hans managed to arrive there earlier than Jonathan. He waited at one of the coffee shops on the second floor of the mall.

It didn’t take long for Jonathan to arrive. he ordered some drinks for himself as well and sat down on the seat in front of Hans. “So, why do you want us to meet here? Are you going to buy something?”

Hans nodded, “Yes, I need your help with something.”

“What is it?”

“I’m planning to do a surprise proposal to Iris at her concert,” Hans said with pride. He had been thinking about it for so long already. There are already a lot of things that had happened between us.

They had already been separated by death twice already and a lot of unrealistic things had already transpired in their story. They encountered problems an
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