Queen of Underground Arena Became the Weak Princess
Queen of Underground Arena Became the Weak Princess
Author: AgingayDeBulusan

Chapter 1: Explosion

Underground Arena | 10:00 p.m.

Inside the underground arena, the frenzied shouts of the people dominated the place. There were constant groans, growls and a cracking sound.




Those were just a few of the shouts that could be heard inside the arena. People could hardly contain themselves because of excitement as they watched two men with almost have the same body shape who were currently fighting in the middle of the arena. Big, bulky muscles.

The two men fighting were in a similar situation. Both are bleeding, both have broken arms, gasping for air and faintly exhausted. But the glint of pride and fire in their eyes says otherwise. It's full of vigor and unrestrained conviction of a fighter.

Until one of the men cannot stand, only then the fight will end.

"Dark Horse versus Wild Eagle. The winner of tonight's fight is none other than, DARK HORSE."

People vigorously shouted again after the announcement of a man carrying a microphone – the Announcer.

“I know who you guys came here for. The highlight of tonight’s fight, am I right?” said the announcer while there’s a playful smile plastered onto his face.



 “Who said the word bald head? I know my head is bald. Do you need to shout it?” The announcer said in a playful tone, rubbing his bald head while pretending to be offended. The crowd just burst out in laughter.

The announcer then added the sentence, "Now, since everyone seems to be excited. I will not hold you any longer. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all scream for the Queen of the Underground Arena, FROST!"

The inside of the arena rumbled as a certain woman slowly entered. The woman wearing black shirt and a black pants walk unhurriedly towards the stage. Her pair of black phoenix eyes were cold and sharp. But what really attracts people is her aura. Her suffocating dangerous aura.




The crowds became more frenzied and their shouts became louder because of the presence of the woman named Frost. The announcer then walked towards Frost, almost cautiously.

"I'm so excited to watch Frost fight that my legs can't help but shake, in excitement, of course." The announcer jokingly said that made the crowds laugh again.

Although, the crowds knew that it is not really because of excitement why the announcer’s knees are shaking and are turning into jelly but because he is scared of Frost, they all are. Aside from admiration, they feared Frost. They all knew what Frost can do. The woman is a reincarnation of a little devil. Her gaze alone could make you break in a cold sweat. She's a bewitchingly lethal devil.

"And now let us welcome the courageous young man who has the guts to challenge the Queen of the Underground arena, Frost. Please scream for BLACK REAPER."

Huge and muscly man. That's the perfect definition of the appearance of the man. His pair of eyes held a ferocious glint. His muscles seem like they can break anyone's head into two. A fighter.

"How can that girl defeat that huge man?" A young man in the crowd suddenly blurted out in disbelief when he saw a man with huge and scary body entered. He doesn't believe that the girl in the stage could defeat this man. 'This girl is definitely suicidal.' is what he thought

Few in the people in the crowd heard this and they looked at the young man’s bewildered expression and they couldn’t help but laugh.

 “You are new here, am I right?"

The young man was so confused as to why the people who are sitting beside him where laughing at him. Then he nodded at them as a response, still confused.

"That explains it. Who do you think will win between them?"

"Of course, that huge man. How can that girl be compared with him? Is she out of her mind? She's not forced to do this, is she?"

Again, they all burst out in laughter after they heard the young man.

"Boy, don't underestimate Frost. She's not called the Queen of Underground Arena for no reason."


"You'll see." The man just smirked mysteriously at the confused young man.


Balck reaper did not waste his time and immediately pounces towards Frost. When the man's fist was about to land on her face, she just swiftly dodged it. Punch after punch was what the man did which Frost effortlessly and smoothly evaded.

"I don't get it. Why does she keep dodging?" The young man from earlier said in confusion.

The man beside him shook his head at the young man, "Can't you see her mocking gaze? She's clearly playing." The man said which made the young man more confused.

"Seems like Frost is in a good mood."

"Right. That man is quite lucky."

The young man might not notice it but they, the people who always watched Frost's fight sure can. From the way Frost moves, they can tell that the woman is in a good mood. If not, that huge man would be brutally smashed to the ground, body bent in a weird way and life is questionable already. That's how Frost normally fights.


With a fast and accurate move, Frost launch a kick to his face. Cracking noise was heard, next was a groan of a man. Frost then held his left arm, lifted him and forcefully smashed him in the cemented stage.

She gave him the chance to stand up. The man staggered, his vision blurring because of the blood. He growled then launched an attack again. This time Frost received his attack head on.

She stopped the big and veiny fist inches away from her face. Grinned at him, then unhesitatingly twisted it. Another cracking sound was heard.

"Game over." Said Frost before she punched the man in the face without hiding her strength. The man's huge body slammed in the ground with a loud thud.




Deafening shouts of the crowd bombarded inside the arena. The crowds went crazy as the huge man lost its consciousness.

"Wow! The crowd's getting wild. That was a good yet not-so-brutal fight, do you agree?" The Announcer said.


"Frost indeed is the Queen of the Underground Arena. Black Reaper vs. Queen of the Underground Arena, Frost. The winner of this fight is none other than, FROST."

"Beautiful." The young man from earlier unknowingly blurted out while staring towards Frost in daze, he was slightly smiling. Her moves earlier were deeply engraved to his brain. He was looking infatuatedly at Frost. Looking like a fool falling in love for the first time at the moment.


"You never failed to amaze me." A man in his mid-30's uttered to the woman who was sitting in a black couch. He strutted leisurely towards her.

Frost looked at the man for a moment before she continued putting the bandage on her hand.

The man didn’t take it to heart and merely laughed at the attitude of Frost. He then casually sat in the couch facing the woman. And asked, "Want to stay for a night?"

"You know I can't right?" Frost said in a calm manner, she then glanced at the man.

"Where are you going now?"

"Minorae Island."

The man nodded in understanding, he hold his cheek and stared straightly at Frost’s pair of eyes, he suddenly said, “That's too bad. Why do you love fighting so much?"

"Kaden." This time, Frost look coldly at the man in front of her. Suddenly, the temperature inside the room dropped tremendously.

The man named Kaden raised his two arms, instantly admitting his wrongs when he saw her frightening gaze and hurriedly said, "I'm sorry, Frost."

Frost only nodded at him. After tidying herself, she stood up and walked towards the door while carrying a big black bag.

She saw the helicopter waiting for her outside. She got in. She leaned back in her seat and motioned to the pilot.

The flight was going smoothly until a huge explosion happened. A dark glint flashes through Frost's eyes before she jumps out. There's no emotion in her eyes. It was empty. Almost. She closed her eyes and fell in the ocean.

She felt a tremendous pain when her body fell in the ocean. Her head was buzzing. Her ears too. She groggily opened her eyes. She was going deeper in the dark ocean. She still has strengths. She can still survive. However, she chose not to. She again closed her eyes and a peaceful smile was plastered on her face before she lost consciousness.

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