Chapter 3: Mages

"Time to investigate this place." Frost said, stood up and walked towards where the door out of the room was but she suddenly paused when she noticed the clothes she was wearing. It was a white nightgown below the knee. She narrowed her eyes and walked to another direction and open a door which has a tag written on it that says, 'Closet'

A frustrated sigh was breathed out by Frost when she saw what was inside. There are various dresses for different occasions, for just a casual day, and for hunting. However, it was all a dress which Frost was not used to wearing.

"This will do." she said in an annoyed tone. She picked up a simple black colored dress, one fitted shorts, and a pair of black flat shoes.

She went outside of the room. She started walking aimlessly. Just casually observing her surroundings. Two words to describe this place, expensive and massive. Frost can see the paintings in the wall and she believes that it was of an astronomical amount, that also goes for the vases and carpets. The place was massive to the point that Frost couldn't find where the exit was.

It did not take her an hour to see a woman who looked like a servant based from what she is wearing. The servant was holding a clean towel and a bucket with water in it.

“Do you know where the library is?” Frost asked the servant in a plain tone.

The servant was first stunned to see the Princess, but she got shocked afterwards when she started talking to her. Then her face showed contempt.

“And why are you looking for the library, Princess?” The servant said in distaste. She was looking down to this Princess who acts like a fool and can't even activate her magic. So different from her siblings who are cultivation geniuses. The pride of Esperanza Kingdom.

When Frost saw the servants undisguised contempt for her, she narrowed her eyes.

‘Looks like the reputation of the original owner of this body is not that good. Actually, it seems rather bad.’ She inwardly said. Still, she didn't like the servants look on her face.

"Do you know who am I?" Frost asked while narrowing her eyes.

The servant became confused when she heard the Princess asking her. But she then answered her in a matter of fact tone, "You're Princess Hiraya."

Frost nodded her head. Then she asked again, "And you? What's your position?"

"A royal servant." said the servant proudly.

"A servant huh. Then do you know what would happen to servants who disrespected their employer?" Frost said in a very cold voice, face emotionless.

It was only then that the servant was stunned. There was a frightened look on her face while looking at the Princess. Consequently, she suddenly turned pale at the sight of her pair of cold eyes. They're cold as snow.

"Do you think a Princess like me would be punished if I kill a useless servant like you this instant? Who do you think you are to not respect the people whom you are serving? How bold of you.” Frost uttered in a cold voice. The servant’s face went pale even more. Her body shaking in fear. And her knees turned jelly because of how scared she was.

"Do you now know your position?"

The servant hurriedly nodded towards the Princess and even kneeled, while she begged and stuttered, “Please forgive me, Princess Hiraya.”

"Lead the way." said by Frost in a serious tone.

The servant immediately stood up not wanting to further anger the Princess who seemed to be a different person.

"This way Princess."

Frost followed the still scared servant. And while they are walking towards the library, Frost did not stop observing her surroundings. It was only normal to observed her surroundings. Especially, a strange one.

It only took them half an hour to finally reached the library. Frost first dismissed the servant before she strutted inside the library.

'This place is not the same as my world.' she said in a matter of fact tone. She knew that this place is magical, the evidence would be the 'healing pill' she took earlier. Because the medicine on her original world, is not that fast to take an effect and it wasn’t that effective.

The medicine on her world could not magically diminish the pain and clearly not heal small cuts in an instant. That's why Frost concluded that this place is magical.

And what place is the best place to learn some knowledge? Obviously the library.

Frost wandered around the library. Trying to find a useful book to read.

"World of Mages and Supernaturals. This one."

"Royal Family of Esperanza Kingdom."

Frost brought the two books she has found towards the brown couch. She sat down and started reading the first book she found.

"Thousand years ago, humans were living completely ordinary lives. But the peaceful world of humans was disrupted when demons started appearing. There were thousands of deaths. Humans were killed little by little. However, when the humans thought that they were all going to be eradicated. Countless Gods and Goddesses appeared. They gifted them their magic in which later on, humans who got the gift were called mages. Using the gifts, they received from the Gods and Goddesses, humans united and fought the demons. Countless lives were forfeited. The demon king died, and the demons retreated.

Mages used their power to form a seal onto the passages where demons came from.

The humans rejoiced.

Humans started to get greedy. Killed their own kind to show who's more superior and powerful. Robbed people's land. Killed carelessly.

Suddenly there were three young men who heroically stopped the chaos. They were then called leaders. And got their own land to lead.

This resulted in the emerging of three Kingdoms; Esperanza Kingdom, Augustus Kingdom, and Claude Kingdom.

The humans once again found peace."

"There are four common magics: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

Two special magics: Ice and Lightning.

And two rare magics: Light Attribute and Dark Attribute.

Humans can either inherit their magics from their parents or the magics will choose their owners.

Humans started activating their magic at the age of 12. Humans who did not receive a gift were called ordinary humans. And humans who have magic are called mages."

"Mages, huh. Interesting." Frost nodded in amazement while holding her chin.

She then proceeded to read the other book.

"Esperanza Kingdom is one of the three Kingdoms that leads humanity. Hernando Esperanza was the first King of Esperanza Kingdom. And one of the greatest air mages in history. Attaining a Martial Ranked Level 5 before he passed away.

Now, at the present time, the current King of Esperanza Kingdom is Alejandro Esperanza.

~ Royal Family ~

Name: Alejandro Esperanza

Status: King

Magic: Air

His name means "People's guardian"

Name: Ligaya Esperanza (Dead)

Status: Queen

Magic: Fire

Her name means "Joy"

Name: Xander Esperanza

Status: First Prince, Crown Prince

Magic: Air

His name means "People's Defender"

Name: Luis Esperanza

Status: Second Prince

Magic: Fire

His name means "Celebrated Battle Champion"

Name: Antonio Esperanza

Status: Third Prince

Magic: Water

His name means "Flourishing"

Name: Hiraya Esperanza

Status: First Princess

Magic: Not activated

Her name means "fruit of one's hopes, dreams, and aspirations"

"Looks like this body has a big family." But it seemed like the original owner of this body has not a good disposition towards her family for whatever reasons, Frost didn’t know.

"Let's see. How does someone cultivate again? First, sit in a lotus position. Calm your mind. And feel it."

Frost immediately arranged herself into a lotus position. She then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and eased her mind.

Frost patiently followed the instructions. She should be seeing any of the one color of the different magic attributes yet she instead saw a young lady who looks just like her, standing in the middle of the darkness.

The young lady was staring straight at Frost. The young lady's mouth opened and a soft calming voice was heard, "Hiraya."

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